and Experimental


Research is the central theme of our organization. Since its inception our target was to keep on ongoing program for research.


1.Continued research on the discovery of Dr. B Sahni

2.Research related to homeopathic aspects.

3.Encouragement young generation to undertake research work through project assignments.

4.We also undertake projects from other sources provided they are funded or sponsored.

5.Extramural research as assigned from government NGO projects consultancy .


The Concept research programme undertake various research projects. Some entirely by the research group, others are conducted by or in collaboration with external research environments. Research themes are generated cumulatively based on acquired knowledge, theory and practice in governmental investment projects. We are also open to inputs on interesting topics within our research field.

Based on data collected from Trail base, we can analyse trends and sector differences. We also carry out in-depth analyses of individual projects or of groups of projects. Findings from individual projects do not provide a basis for drawing general conclusions but can provide a deeper understanding of the phenomena being explored. We carry out investigations and evaluations of projects with regard to different types of results. The research projects can alternatively focus on methods and analysis tools and have a more theoretical perspective. Some computer tools have also been developed because of Concept studies. The research projects result in different types of publications. Concept has a separate report series where the main results are communicated. Other types of publications may include books, scientific articles, working papers, etc. Sometimes we make booklet on specialised topic that summarise heavier works in a more popular way. All research results should be openly available.

>We have published a number of textbooks, and anthologies. We have published books at our own publishing house (see Books) and we have contributed in English-language books published on international publishers.

We collaborate with other researchers and research communities in India and internationally and encourage both the actors in the QA scheme and researchers in other environments to contact new ideas and proposals for research projects that can be financed. The Concept research programme will normally require that one from Concepts' research group be included in the project.