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Rare gift to the medical world in general and Homoeopathy in particular was made in the form of new discovery of Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy Transmission from A distance by great saint physician Dr.Bandhu Sahni.

Dr.Bandhu Sahni came from a very poor cultivator family. He was born on 17th January 1925 in a small village called Karkauli in the District of Darbhanga in Bihar. His early childhood is a tale of pain and penury. His father being a poor cultivator, found it difficult to maintain the family with his petty income. Dr.Sahni’s extraordinary intelligence and zeal for acquiring knowledge at once attracted the notice of Late Munsi Udit Narain of Rajnagar in Darbhanga, who is well known for his love for learning and magnamity. Under his loving care he lived with him and completed his matriculation in 1942 from Rajnagar. Same year his father died leaving him broken hearted.

He then sought admission in IA in C.M. College in Darbhanga, but since he was a fire- brand nationalist, he could not help taking part in the freedom movement of 1942.This made him realized that no sacrifice could be considered greater than one done for the sake of one’s country. He left his studies and took active part in the freedom movement and was jailed on several occasions. It was during this period he was attracted towards Homoeopathy, which to him held promises of new awakening in the poor masses. It was a chanticleer of new dawn, which in turn would bring health and happiness to the suffering humanity.

Dr.Sahni, a man of indefatigable spirit and peerless character, again took up his studies and did his graduation from C.M.College Darbhanga.Afterwards he joined Basic Training School at Patna in 1948. Soon after finishing his BT course he was married to Dr.Sumitra Sahni, who too has done her basic training from the same school. Later both of them were appointed Assistant Teacher in Basic School at Kolhanta Patori in the district of Darbhanga, Bihar.

At no stage of his career, though Dr.Sahni’s interest on Homoeopathy flagged. . Encouraged and his interest made him complete his MD in Homoeopathy from Sathi Homoeopathic Medical College in Darbhanga. This encouraged him to establish a charitable Homoeopathic Dispensary under the Social Education Scheme. His wife has remained his constant companion in his entire endeavor ever since.

A voracious reader Dr.Sahni was always in quest to discover new phenomenon of nature. His love for learning always helped him climb fresh height

He kept his studies continued and while in service he did his post graduation twice. He did his MA first in Philosophy and then in Sociology. During the same time competed for a gazetted post in Bihar Public Service Commission and it was during this period of his service at Bhagalpur that Dr.Sahni came out with his discovery on Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy. In recognition for his invaluable research many academic bodies and institution for homoeopathic science has conferred upon him honorary degree and fellowship.

Dr.Sahni extended the philosophy of Dr.Hahnemann. His discovery of remote sensing technique of administering drugs, as against the conventional methods of administration of drugs through mouth in 1967, brought a revolutionary and far reaching changes in the field of medicine in general and Homoeopathy in particular. Today we can easily comprehend it in the light of distant transmission of various energy forms. In Dr.Sahni scheme of things a single strand of hair is plucked from any part of the patient body which is then placed in the dynamic medicinal energy so that one end of the hair is submerged in the medicine, which in the liquid form, and other end remain free in the air to act as an antenna of a transmitter. Hair is used, as it is convenient to be taken from the patient. Any natural belonging of the patient can act as representative antenna for the patient. This antenna transmits the vital energy at a particular frequency specific to the patient. The vital energy signal traveling into the air are then received by the vital body of the patient acting as the receiver of a transmitter. Experiences over decades have proved that these vital energy signals can travel thousands of miles in no time without losing their intensity and effectiveness. In homoeopathy it is well understood that causation all sickness lies within the person himself. As life is governed by a dynamic force, which has the capability of maintaining it in a harmonious healthy way, disease can be established only by weakening this dynamic life only. As such a diseased person has a disoriented dynamic plane, which is needed to be resolved to normalcy. As such a dynamic medicine is needed. Dr. Hahnemann had earlier discovered the dynamic medicine by potent sing the medicine by extracting out the energy level of it. As such all Homoeopathic medicine are not a commodities to be fed by mouth. They start acting as soon as they come in contact with the patient itself. Dr.Sahni added a new dimension to the mode of application of this dynamic medicine property by applying them from a distance by using the natural belonging of the patient. With varied experimentation on thousands of patient of various category it is now proved beyond doubts that dynamic medicine of Homoeopathy can be transmitted from a distance Dr.Sahni’s discovery is now a established system with thousands of followers all across the globe, so much so that he earned the laurel of a physician, a messiah. In the forward of Dr.Sahni’s book “Transmission of Homoeo Drug Energy From A distance” Dr.Jugal Kishore, former President of Central Council Of Homoeopathy rates him even higher than the father of Homoeopathy, Dr.Hahnemann. He writes “ Apparently the author (Dr.B.Sahni) has traveled much beyond Hahnemann when the later advocated transmission of drug energy olfaction”. DR.Sahni’s method of application of medicine is now recognized by his followers as Sahni effect. A new concept to health has been added with his discovery.

In order to bring into application his remote sensing technique and furtherance of the scope of drug transmission and its scientific parameters, Dr.B.Sahni laid the foundation of Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy in 1970, which was later on registered under the Society Registration Act.1860. With the initial activity of propagation, research and training through non-formal basis, the institute is now marching ahead with health care through drug transmission by its various free clinic spread over the country.

In 1974 Dr.B.Sahni travelled extensively to share his valuable experiences as a result of which his students are now distributed worldwide. His efforts has brought tremendous response from the masses and the intellectuals alike and proved the efficacy of his principle and methods of treatment beyond doubts. With his excellence in the art of application of medicine especially the subject of philosophy medicine and reportorial analysis and vast experiences accumulated in them attracted many disciple who used to come to him from every corner of the world. Now his message has spread worldwide. Dr.B.Sahni besides being a discoverer was a great soul with caring hearts, which won over the thousands of his followers. He was elected President of the Homoeopathic Medical Association Of India, Bihar State Branch for two terms. Later on he was elevated to the National post of Vice President of The Homoeopathic Medical Association of India His sincerity and caliber in Homoeopathy attracted Government of Bihar who was pleased to nominated him as the member of the Bihar State Homoeopathic Board .He served the Board with his intelligence to develop it to the extent of making academic nature of Homoeopathy more effective system of Medicine.

A well learned Dr. Sahni was invited on many occasion at various seminars to present his paper. In 1977 he presented his paper at International Homoeopathic Congress, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. This was introduction of his subject of Drug Transmission to the Homoeopathic fraternity of the world. Learned Delegates from all over the world listened to the discoverer and was appreciated widely for his new exploration in the field of medicine. Later on he was also invited to present his paper by the Indian Science congress on three occasions. Chairman of the scientific session were impressed with his presentation and delivered remarks in appreciation. His paper was also presented at International Homoeopathic Congress at Calcutta in 1989 and in many of the national and regional seminars.

Dr. Sahni served Medical Institution in varied capacity. He was visiting Professor to the B.H.Medical College and Hospital at Patna. He was made Vice Chairman to the Institute of Healing & Alternative Therapy at Patna. He also served National Editorial Board of History of Indian Homoeopathy.

Dr.Sahni love for books was well known. His vast collection of books on the subject of medicine alone has now become a treasure house of knowledge in the form of library at The Research Institute Of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy. His collection of rare books is still stored in this library.

A renowned author of Transmission Of Homoeo Drug Energy From A Distance, book which is now published in 4 editions opens a vast field of research in energy medicines. He also authored many other books and his articles were published in various journal of Homoeopathy. His interest in propagating initiated in him to write at regular interval as such he took up the journalism and founded publication of two journal- one in Hindi and other in English. He was founder editor of quarterly Homoeopathic Journal HOMOEO TARANG in Hindi and The JOURNAL OF HOMOEO TRANSMISSION in English.

Dr. Sahni became a legends in the field of medicines and is remembered in various story of cure related to him. His interest in healing the sufferings of ailing patient was widely appreciated. A man with heart full of passion for helping to relieve the suffering can be well imagined as patient from all over the country used to come to him for their treatments. He offered his services to many of the Medical centers and has the distinction organizing many medical camps to bring his discovery made available to the needy poor patient in remote villages. He traveled from village to village to help the poor. Still today he his remembered for his services.

Dr. Sahni thirst for helping and propagating the truth of art of healing encouraged him to travel abroad. He went to Switzerland. Germany, France England, Belgium USA and other country where he was welcomed as scientist. He also taught many students during his stay at various countries. At Sanfrancisco he worked with AIDS patient and tried to discover the cure for it. He helped establishment of Healing Center of Sanfrancisco.

His health gradually started succumbing to the pressure of work and was paralyzed after a cerebral stroke to bed in 1990 being helped with his own discovery he lived on bed for more than seven years. Still lying on his sick bed he used to deliver lesson on his subject to the entire disciple who used to come to seek consultation for their difficulties. He started a weekly studies programme being managed from his bedside. His every moments of life was not lived in vain. Recognizing his services to the Homoeopathy and his discovery Dr.Sahni was felicitated posthumously by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, a Govt. Of India statutory body, during its silver jubilee celebration in 1999. Vice President of India Dr. S.D.Sharma presented the memento to Dr B.Sahni, which was received by his son Dr. M.K.Sahani. A grateful Council paid its homage to this saint by honoring and recognizing his services. Variously described as a healer saint, a messiah and a scientist healer Dr. B.Sahni, a down to the earth person shall remain alive in the hearts of millions.

Much before he left for his heavenly abode on 26th October 1997, Dr.B.Sahni enjoyed the great task of ameliorating the pains of humanity through his remote sensing technique of distant application of medicine.