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4th December 2020

Mental & physical illness are interlinked phenomenon for any life's situations. People those who are suffering from mental illness are at high risk for acquiring physical chronic illness. Similarly these suffering from physical illness suffer from mental stressed illness which brings a great impact on attitude & behaviour. It is coexistence of mind & body relationship that are affecting each other’s. Quality of life get diminished with distressed state everywhere around them. We need to understand link between mind & body to develop therapy to reduce coexistence of these disease condition. Both mind & body are affected by changes in physiological & emotional factors. It is more ignited with social & economic factors. Treatment which is undertaken after considering only one plane have adverse effects on other plane. It is observed that one sided approach of treatment disturbs hormonal balance which further create a complexity in general way of life. Diseases which are visible at mind or body have its extension to other side also. A totality concepts where mind body & spirit are considered becomes more relevant for selection of medicine. We need to understand that mind &body are counterparts of individual life. It is the concentration of energy which becomes visible as mind or body. Body has higher concentration of material energy & mind is constituted with the spiritual energy. It is only difference in pattern of energy that represent mind or body. With minute observations one can see that symptoms at mind & body have similarity & but have different visibility. As the diseases becomes more chronic it's impact as symptoms at mind & body have common expression representing man in diseases. These symptoms are most appropriate support for selection of medicines. It is observed that chronic diseases have more general symptoms. Energy keeps flowing in uniform way at mind & body in a definite patterns dependent on the individual pattern. It is Mridul's way of life.


Different types of practice which were adopted in individual way for Selection of medicine has kept new comer speculating about adopting them. As there is only need to reach at the final destination of TOTALITY. With the concept fulfilment for creating a similar matching of individual personality with the medicine personality we need a calculative way. As such from the very inception of Homoeopathic practice by our masters need for repertorial approach was found to be most suitable for selection of medicine in Homoeopathy. A tailored made prescription became the necessity. Keeping the vastness of drug picture variable with individual matching it requires a versatile understanding both for choice as well as suitability. Selection of Homoeopathic medicine require arriving at a conjoint conclusion of several symptoms together to get a single medicine. Process involves filtering out from other related medicine. Thus a calculative process is adopted by everyone who wish to get the right medicine. Among all search repertorial way get evolved which includes in itself filtering the medicine. Initially with meager information about medicine mental repertorisation were followed. But the vastness of medicinal data of symptoms with too much similarity among them we needs repertory way. With working on pen and paper it has been a tiring clerical work which prevented becoming popular. As such with further search we find evolution of card repertory and now computer repertory. Now with the advances technology of computer we find resurgence of the repertotial approach. It is true with more memory we can have a selection process only through own decision without having mechanical repertory for experienced practitioner. But for the biggner it is advisable to get acquainted and well versed with the physical repertorial way. Repertory provide a systematic process to follow for selection of remedy. It is the necessity for homoeopathic approach to choose from hundreds of similar medicine.


Consciousness of life on being born acquires two way traffic to receive and give which is tried to maintain a balance of the universe. This exchange enables to have a dynamic equilibrium within the life and also in the universe. It is influence from outside and influencing others. Receiving all phenomenon are either good or bad but how they get inside life are matter of our nature's choice. Usually with wisdom we seek to have good things which can contribute towards our life's development but with inability to distinguish between the rights and wrong everything gets the entry. Things as material, intellectual and spiritual gets in depending on the choice and also in involuntary way. Life gets imprinted both consciously or unconsciously. When bad things enter into life whether at material, intellectual or spiritual level pollute our life. Aspects of getting polluted has been there ever since the beginning of civilization. Greek philosophers Hippocrates had recognized the life getting influenced by miasm( term used for pollution) and explained about its effects. Pollution has varied effects on our entire society and effects has made tremendous damages disturbing the natural flow of dynamism of life's system. These effects got accumulated from generation to generation becoming the integral part of life system. Being inserted in the chromosome individual life has become a carrier of the miasm. Intermingling is not bad as it allows synchronization of the whole universal phenomenon. But when it becomes incompatible at individual plane we get the diseased state. Pollution is the representative of the incompatibility with the individual life situation as we see that in the same environment one is comfortable and some are getting troubled. It is the relativity which makes the things good or bad. Compatibility is the meeting point to maintain and enhance dynamism. It is only with the conscious way for recognizing the effects of pollution and find out remedies both at macro and micro level.



This rubric is related to those person who makes false claim of having special knowledge, skills or power. They are superimposing person who makes tall claims. Synonyms are: Quack, Mountebank, Sham, Fraud, Fake Humbug, Imposter, Pretenders, Hoodwink, Hoaxer, Cheater, Charlatan are ald known as swindler or Mountblank. They are person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick or deception in order to gain some money, fame or some other advantages. *Charlatan can be observed in some salesman, representative, or even doctor who have lust for money*. They wish to earn money or fame anyhow. *They make all short of trick to impress others to convince them about their claims. It is also seen in some spiritual person who claim themselseve as having super power or they have connection with God*. These people do or talk with intention. They cannot be said to be in any delusional sensation. They are very much conscious about what they are doing or talking. This rubric is cross referred with- Deceitful, Liar, Liar charlatan and. This rubrics contain only few remedies. Calc, Nat m, Plat, Puls, Sulph. In view of these medicine we need to consider intentional behavior of the person. Medicine needs to be looked for the conscious symptoms coming from mental expression.