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The Main purpose of the RISDTH is to provide training & research in Medicines and establish Hospital for clinical experiences and propagation so that a systemic change can be brought and more people can be reached out to the drugless therapy using remote application of Dynamic Energy Medicine through Hair, which provides holistic health care.

Our Society is committed to reduce MEDICAL HAZARDS created by irrational medical practise. As such exploration in Alternative and promoting most compatable and natural medicine. To provide medical care especially for the so-called incurable diseases such as HIV, AIDS, Cancer, Asthma, Arthritis etc with minimum cost.

To conduct research, training and as facilitator for empowerement of the people especially women, children and down-trodden. To provide and care for social and preventive medicines specially for Reproductive child Health


The Research Institute of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy(RISDTH), Shivpuri, Patna, India was established in 1970 by followers of Dr.B.Sahni and it is a registered society (registered under Society Registration Act 1860 Registration Number 141/74-75) and is governed by a governing body. Dr.M.K.Sahani is the present Chairman and Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Singh is the Managing Director of the society. Basic Philosophy of Research Institute Of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy is evolved from the inspiration, charisma and pioneering spirit of Dr.B.Sahni with a mission to explore into the dynamic medicine and their remote application and make a systemic change in the

Discovery of Dr.B.Sahni

Dr.B.Sahni with his vast experience in medicine and philosophical background discovered some 40 years back that the dynamic medicines used in Homoeopathy are not a commodity to be fed by mouth. Homoeopathic potentised medicine represents a particular energy pattern with definite wavelength. These medicines start effecting persons as soon as it is brought in contact with the energy field of that person. He told that these energy medicines could be transmitted to the patients. With these thoughts on transmission he developed the idea of remote application and called it “Transmission Of Homoeo Drug Energy From A Distance”. All dynamic energy substance has the property to be transmitted from a distance. We are aware of these facts as light, sound, electrical energy etc. are transmitted from a distance and has varied application in our society. As the transmission needs a medium, Dr.Sahni tried to use the natural belongings of the persons such as Hair, Nails, Blood, sputum etc and found successful in transmitting the medicinal energy through them to the person. He experimented on various types of patients and animals at different distances and found that they were cured and distance is no bar. The hair or any natural belonging of the patient as soon as it is brought in contact with the dynamic medicines it assumes the frequency of hair and it is transmitted to the person. We can assume that the natural belonging of the person when it is separated from the body still retains the same frequency. Hair being very convenient it became the ideal medium for transmission and is being used by all.

Of course all did not welcome this new discovery and it is natural with the doubts prevailing in every new discovery. But within the short span of thirty years it is now considered as a system or mode of application and now students are getting attracted to adopt it as their career. Practical experiences are now accumulating on with more and more miraculous results. It has been now tried on all types of individuals as well as animals to prove that its effect is not mesmerism or psychological. So called incurables diseases like Cancer, Asthma, Eczema, Arthritis etc have responded to this drugless therapy.

There are many advantages of this method. The experts can treat the patients seated at a far distance place; only a strand of hair is needed. In grave emergency and where doctors are not available this method proves to be a boon. In case of medicinal aggravation, which is quite common, the detachment of hair from medicine will bring effect and gives relief .No antidote is required. Overdosing, which are hazards in all types of treatment can be well checked with drug transmission and only required energy can be passed on to the patients. There is no need of taking the medicines orally. Patients can be seated anywhere in the world. It is assessable to the poor as very little expenses is involved. It is a holistic approach to the patients as it treats the total person

Basic Philosophy

Our Institute believes that healing comes from the very inner level of life. Dynamic energy which is capable of maintaining the healthy state needs to be healed in diseased state of life. Healing process can be achieved for each by treating the dynamic life force, which becomes polluted with the external disease-producing agents. We believe that disease also is a dynamic pattern, which can pollute our life force.

The Institute has kept its mind open to embrace the people of similar ideology to remove the suffering of the humanity. We are concerned with the qualitative aspect of life where only joy and peace prevails. Some of the activities of the Institute are as follow: - Weekly training for Homoeopaths on Drug Energy Transmission, Short training course on different aspect of Homoeopathy. Internship training on non-formal basis, Seminars, workshops and camps and treating chronic & acute diseases free consultation to different hospitals, publication of Journals, translation of various articles into local language.

It may be recalled that the Institute in spite of being established in 1970, could not achieve much in respect of material gain. From the very beginning of this discovery it had to face rough weather of recognition, critism and struggles to prove the effectiveness. People were looking with skeptical view; as such there was very little involvement in the infrastructure development. With the persistent devotion it has gained recognition from people who got benefited. The Central Council Of Homoeopathy a constituent body of the Government of India has recognized the pioneering venture and services of Dr.B.Sahni and had awarded posthumously in 1998.

Now the time has come where many students are interested in getting trained in this system and adopt it as a career. With the initial financial help the Institute will be able to promote the Alternative System of Medicine for serving the society to relieve miseries and pain and to further a systemic change. Our Institute believes that healing comes from the very inner level of life. Dynamic energy which is capable of maintaining the healthy state needs to be healed in diseased state of life. Healing process can be achieved for each by treating the dynamic life force, which became polluted with the external disease-producing agents. We believe that disease also is a dynamic pattern, which can pollute our life force.

With the development and confidence gained we set our goal to achieve the target of expanding this therapy throughout the world. For this following modalities were felt:

1. Generating personnel by way of educating the desirous person and training them to use this aspect of Medicine.

2. Making understand the rational use of medicine and develop compassionate heart within the healing personnel.

3. Making this therapy available through OPD and IPD at various hospital and create awareness about the need of healing of dynamic plane of person.

4. Conduct researches in alternative medicines and to bring them their application as mainstream of medicine. We are more concerned with transmitting the message of this mode of administration to more and more person so that the suffering masses are relieved of the miseries and pain.

Present objects include the following:

1. To run a medical training college with approved course of the Government of India and include the holistic approach to medicine.

2. To run Hospital where emphasis will be given on the use of alternative system of medicines especially remote application of medicines.

3. To develop Tele treatment concept to make medicine with best expertise available within reach even to the remotest corner of the world.

4. To propagate the message through publication of journals, educative materials and publicity materials.

5. To prepare training manuals and resource books audio and video materials for the students desirous to learn into alternative medicine.

6. To carry on the research project on ongoing basis to enhance the possibilities of ideal cure.


As per the objective of the Society following activities is being presently carried out:

1. Regular weekly one-day training programme for the Homoeopaths on every Thursday between 1-2 PM. This programme is being carried out since last ten years. Homoeopaths form far away place took training in this programme.

2. Short training course on different aspect of Homoeopathy at regular interval. This short course is organized at different location. About 20 participants are taken in each session.

3. Internship training- Institute conducts regular internship training for students after completing their Homoeopathic course. This presently serves as advanced training for Doctors. These courses are done on Non formal basis. 4. Seminar & Workshops are organized on regular basis on a quarterly basis.

5. Celebration of Dr.B.Sahni Birth Anniversary every year is done where a scientific seminar is organized by inviting senior most speakers of the country. This programme is started after the death of the founder Dr.B.Sahni

6. Medical Camps- Institute is organ sizing monthly medical camps in rural area to serve with Homoeopathy. It is reputed for these medical camps and now more and more patients are opting for the Homoeopathic Treatments.

7. OPD- Institute has its own OPD at the Central Secretariat, where only chronic cases are taken. This OPD is equipped with the Computer with Homoeopathic Software RADAR for analysis of Medicines. This OPD serve as specialized clinic and attracts patients from far distance places. This OPD serve as demonstration and practical training of the student participating in the different training course of Homoeopathy. On an average 25 patients are attending per working days.

8. Pulse Polio & AIDS Awareness Programme.- Society is actively engaged in Pulse Polio immunization and awareness in association with the Rotary Club. We also run awareness programme for the Aids.

9. Publication of Journals- Institute is involved in publication of two Journal related to Homoeopathy 1. Homoeo Tarang published in Hindi at quarterly intervals and 2. The Journal of Homoeo Transmission published at bi monthly intervals.

10) is established since 1993 and now it has become very popular in the state of Bihar. This clinic is also fully computerized. Students coming to seek training get their practical training at this Hospital in its OPD and IPD attached to the Alternative Therapy Department of the Hospital.

11. Consultation programmes:

a. Society is providing its consultancy in Homoeopathic case taking, analysis and repertorization at various Hospitals of repute.

b. Society serves the Kurji Holy Family Hospital with consultation (4 days a week) in Homoeopathy where an OPD Clinic

c. Society has recently opened its consultancy at Nazareth Hospital at Mokameh in Patna. Here Doctor coming to learn has assess to the OPD in Homoeopathy and IPD bedside prescribing. Our senior Doctors are deputed there one a week.

d. Society is involved with the reputed Mahavir Arogya Sansthan, Patna (Once a week) where OPD in Homoeopathy is running since last 15 years and it has become very popular. Training in Case Taking and Repertorization are provided to the Doctors coming to the Society.

e. Society has recently established a Medical Board of experienced doctors (Every Month) in which referred cases are treated and demonstrated to the Doctors. Unique part of this medical board that follow-up of case is also discussed on subsequent visit. It is now becoming very popular and many patients are visiting in every board. Presently it is being held on monthly basis but it is planned to make it at sort intervals also. It is unique in itself.

12. Literary Activities: Society is involved in literary development and working on the translation of various articles into Hindi. This is being published in various journals and also through Journals of the Society.

13. AWARDS AND EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM- We are conducting regular activities for educational program with QUIZ and Other such activities Research Institute Of Sahni Drug Transmission & Homoeopathy has always kept its mind open to embraces the peoples of similar ideology. And replicate its mission at other groups working to remove the sufferings of the humanity. We are more concerned with the qualitative aspect of life where only joy and peace prevails.